digital art director

French Digital Artistic Director, Valkyrie, FashionAddict, entomolist lover, Master of green tea and illustrator

art direction

WEB UI / UX : experiences or advertising activations for brand and institutionnals site - Visual communication banners, landing page, newsletters - Wireframes / Webdesign / Prototype - Videos' production: Motion design - Logo and style guide
PRINT - Illustration - Drawing - Rough - Edition: leaflet, poster, flyer, cards - Packaging - Storytelling

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ILLUSTRATION: An illustration is a visualization or a depiction made by an artist, such as a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, or other kind of image of things seen, remembered or imagined, using a graphical representation.
FANZINE: a magazine, usually produced by amateurs, for fans of a particular performer, group, or form of entertainment.

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VeuveClicquot / Fifty-five, the data Compagny / Hermès / Grand Marnier / Druid of Paris / Moët & Chandon / Moët E-retail / Viktor & Rofl / Maison Volfs Paris / Barville & Co. / Secret Berbère / Prisma Media / Danone / Richesmonts / Proenza Schouler / Le Rustique / Ville Mille Lieux / Royal Glass / Le Titan Club / Macdonal's / Majeur Majeur